Enclosed Three-Way In-Wall LCR Speaker A true hifi in-wall speaker, the W-LCR2 uses two 5¼” (133mm) woofers along with a 4″ (102mm) midrange driver that flawlessly transitions to a 1″ (25mm) titanium dome tweeter. With a nearly invisible presence, the W-LCR2 is faultless or either a stereo or home theater application, a perfect example of how PSB has redefined how music and movies can sound in the home.

฿ 33,000 ฿ 33,000
฿ 26,700 ฿ 26,700 -19%

Enclosed Two-Way In-Wall LCR Speaker PSB combines the performance of a Premium two-way tower speaker with the invisibility of an in-wall to bring you a speaker with zero compromise: the W-LCR. With a perfect balance of sound quality and design, this easily concealable in-wall speaker can be used as part of a two-channel system, the three front channels, or as all the speakers in a surround system.

฿ 27,000 ฿ 27,000
฿ 21,900 ฿ 21,900 -19%

he iW4-ARC is our powerhouse architectural product. In a good installation, you might think you were listening to a pair of Classic Three’s on stands. Outrageous dynamics, terrific bass, high output are present in the iW4-ARC with no loss in detail thanks to two 5.25” anodized aluminum cone woofers, a 2” anodized aluminum dome midrange, and a .75” anodized aluminum dome tweeter. สินค้าราคาต่อตัว

฿ 28,600 ฿ 28,600
฿ 22,900 ฿ 22,900 -20%
฿ 19,900 ฿ 19,900
฿ 14,900 ฿ 14,900 -25%
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