PSB CSIW SUB28 – Dual 8″ In-Wall Subwoofer is a premium in wall sealed cabinet subwoofer with dual 8” high performance drivers capable of delivering detailed low frequency performance. Equipped with heavy duty nylon dog-ears, and a magnetic small perforation grille, the CSIW SUB28 can be used in both new construction or retrofit applications. Versatile, and easy to deploy, the CSIW SUB28 is a cornerstone of hidden audio system design.

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Hear powerful, detailed bass that you never knew existed. The SubSeries 450 Powered Subwoofer is PSB’s flagship audiophile subwoofer, with the highest level of bass performance to date. Using a Class D amplifier and DSP technology to bring the frequency response down to 20Hz, the SubSeries 450 can intensify the earth-rattling explosions of movie soundtracks, with accuracy and precision. It also delivers deep, detailed bass with extremely low distortion for a larger, more amphitheatre-like soundstage that lets you feel the kick of a bass drum and the heavy cinematic footsteps lurking nearby.

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