NHT C LCR Center Channel Speaker


The C-LCR is a combination and redesign of the Classic 2c and Classic 3c to best and most powerful front end of a high output theater system.

Brand : NHT


A 3-way center speaker offers tremendous benefits, notably providing broad dispersion in both horizontal and vertical planes and greatly improved intelligibility through out the seating area. We combined both our previous 2C and 3C centers into a single product and redesigned the cabinet so it can be used vertically as well as horizontally to create a powerful front end of a high output theater system where space is limited. The C-LCR uses the same 6/5” aluminum cone woofers as the C-3 and C-4, as well as the aluminum dome 2” mid and 1” tweeter.

System type                                          Left, Center, Right

Configuration                                       Acoustic suspension design

Woofer                                                    (2) 6.5” aluminum cone

Midrange                                                2“ aluminum dome

Tweeter                                                   1” aluminum dome

Frequency Response                            55Hz-20kHz

Sensitivity                                                87dB (2.83v@1m)

Impedance                                               6 ohms nominal, 4.5 ohms min.

Recommended Power                           75 - 200 w/ch

Inputs                                                        Nickel plated 5-way binding posts

Dimensions                                              7.125" x 21.125" x 9" (H x W x D)

Weight                                                       21.5 lbs.

Finish                                                          High Gloss Black

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