PSB Imagine T (CHY)


Elegant cabinet, outstanding sonic performance For home theatre fans who seek a detailed, three-dimensional soundstage and unwavering performance, PSB’s Imagine T floor standing tower speaker does not disappoint. Superb sound quality and compound curves on every vertical face make this speaker a leader in its class. Used as the foundation of a hifi multi-channel or stereo system, the Imagine T will transport you right to the concert stage with its natural, dynamic, and accurate sound.


Brand : PSB


Precise driver design for natural sound
To achieve such accurate sound, the PSB Speakers Imagine T features a 1″ (25mm) titanium-dome tweeter that produces polished and radiant highs. Two 5¼” (133mm) woofers use proprietary ceramic reinforced polypropylene cones, which makes them very stiff and light. The resulting midrange is balanced and clear, and bass response is tight. A highly efficient motor structure with a unique compound magnet helps reduce audible distortion.

Curved cabinets
The Imagine T features a compound-curved enclosure with heavy internal bracing, making it impressively solid and resistant to vibration. This cabinet design combines computer-controlled machining and the irreplaceable touch of hand craftsmanship to deliver not only a highly attractive exterior, but also sound quality that remains crisp without any loss of clarity throughout all frequency ranges.

Easy on the eyes
While the Imagine T’s unique cabinet construction was developed mainly for its acoustical properties, its aesthetic benefits are also clearly evident. The curvaceous shape coupled with real wood, high-grade veneers (hand finished and offered in a choice of black ash, walnut, or dark cherry) gives this floorstanding tower speaker an attractive furniture-like quality, allowing it to easily blend in with your home’s décor.

  • Frequency response: 38-23,000Hz (±3dB)
  • 1″ (25mm) titanium-dome tweeter with neodymium magnets
  • Two 5¼” (133mm) injection-molded, clay/ceramic reinforced polypropylene cone woofers
  • Dual-port, bass-reflex design
  • Included port plug lets you seal one of the bass ports to adjust for room acoustics or personal preference
  • Hand-selected, real-wood veneer finish
  • Two sets of gold-plated five-way binding posts for bi-wiring or bi-amping

Frequency Response
On Axis @ 0° ±3dB  8-23,000Hz
On Axis @ 0° ±1 1/2dB 42-20,000Hz
Off Axis @ 30° ±1 1/2dB 42-10,000Hz
LF Cutoff -10dB 35Hz

Anechoic Chamber  88dB
Listening Room   90dB
Nominal  8 Ohms
Minimum  4 Ohms
Input Power Recommended
20 - 200 Watts
200 Watts
Acoustic Design
Tweeter (Nominal)
1” (25mm) Titanium Dome with Ferrofluid
Neodymium Magnet
Woofer (Nominal)
2 x 5 1/4” (133mm) Clay/Ceramic reinforced Polypropylene Cone

Rubber Surround
1,800Hz, LR4, 800Hz
Internal Volume
1.0 cu ft (29L)
Design Type
Dual Port Bass Reflex
Dimensions / Weights / Finish
Size (W x H x D)
8 3/8 x 37 1/4 x 13 5/8” *

210 x 945 x 346mm
Net - 40.6lb (18.5kg)/each*
Shipping - 47.8lb (21.7kg)/each

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