Supra ZAC Fibre Optic Interconnect ZAC stands for Zero Attenuation Concept. The innovative furbished curving of the optical fibre core tip to get a zero divergence loss enables plastic fibre optics to be used at all, and to achieve the same transmission quality as of a glass fibre core in combination with the strength and flexibility of the plastic core.


Brand : SUPRA


The Supra ZAC plastic fibre core features the following benefits:

Low weight - Low bending force and easy cable strain relief
High band width, garanteed for 32 bit/384 kHz! - Headroom for comming digital studio-like formats
Interference immune - does not react on magnetic, electro magnetic or electrical noise fields
No radiation - does not radiate harmful noise fields
Immune to household electricity - does not add any noise like in many electrical signal transmissions
Complete galvanic isolation - Allows for interconnections between devices with separate earth potentials and phase, e.g. computer, TV and home cinema

Mechanical Specifications

Contact standard
Digital optic TosLink plug <—> TosLink plug
Optical fibre
High-end age resistant plastic core
Optical fibre tip polish
3-Step patented process
Connector fixing
Spring loaded clamp in opposite chassis connector
Cable clamping & strain relief
Molded / Bending protected / great fit to TosLink standard

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