Wireless Hi-Fi headphones with a class-leading 60 hour battery life. Designed for maximum comfort and durability with natural, transparent sound. Designed and engineered in Denmark. Chalk White: color

Brand : DALI


Sound, design, durability & comfort

DALI IO headphones are a true DALI product, designed and engineered to the same fundamental principles and attention to detail as any other DALI loudspeaker. Every component meets the highest standards of design, durability, comfort, functionality and - most importantly - sound quality. With the DALI IO headphone series, we had a clear goal: they should deliver the best possible sound quality and be extremely comfortable to wear – even when used for hours on end.

Benefitting from decades of sound design

With DALI IO headphones, you benefit from four decades of world-class Hi-Fi loudspeaker design. With the IO-4, our goal was to create the most natural and authentic sound possible and to reproduce music exactly as the artist intended it. We believe we succeeded.

Precise sound with crystal clear clarity

We understand the importance of a high-performance driver. That's why the IO-4 features a high quality, custom designed driver with a large 50 mm diaphragm and optimised neodymium magnet system. The result is low distortion, minimal colouration and accurate dynamics throughout the entire frequency range.

Optimised for the most comfortable fit

The stylish IO-4 headphones have been ergonomically optimised and designed with the right amount of adjustability to ensure a comfortable fit. Also, the earpads are made from memory foam that naturally shape to the head for extended use, while creating the best possible seal for a consistent acoustic performance.

Up to 60 hours playback

Our advanced lithium-ion battery lets you listen to your favourite music nonstop for up to an incredible 60 hours. With battery level LEDs and voice prompt, you always know how much charge is left. And if your IO-4 runs dry, continue in passive 'off' mode to keep the music alive.


Battery Playback Time                                                                   Up to 60 hours
Noise Reduction                                                                               No
Weight                                                                                                 320g
Accessories (included)                                                                    USB-C cable, 3.5 mm stereo cable, string bag

Headphone Principle                                                                       Closed back circumaural (over ear)

Full Range Driver                                                                               50 mm free-edge paper fibre cone

Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) [Hz]                                                    10 - 20,000

Battery Charge Time                                                                         2 ½ hours

Nominal Impedance [ohms]                                                           25

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