NAD Wireless USB DAC 2


Carefully curated and cultivated, a digital music library is the road map to one’s life. No song is there by accident, and each one represents an intimate feeling or memory. Where once a person’s music library was trapped on their computer, the NAD DAC 2 sets it free. Our fun yet simple solution lets you listen to any music stored on your computer, with the option to stream it to your high performance NAD system. Point-to-point wireless technology also means you can plug in the two-piece DAC 2 and start enjoying the music on your computer, including 24/96 music files without compression or hassle.


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24/96 Point-to-Point Digital Streaming
Computer music meets audiophile sound. That’s what the DAC 2 Wireless USB Digital-to-Analogue Converter is all about. Our super simple and fun solution lets you listen to any music from your computer on your high performance NAD hi-fi system. Point-to-point wireless technology means you can just plug in the two-piece DAC 2 and start enjoying computer audio, including 24/96 music files without compression, with the least amount of fuss.

Anything your computer can do, we can do better.
You no longer have to pick your computer over your audio system when it comes to listening to your favourite digital tunes, Internet radio, or cloud services like Rdio, Spotify, Pandora,, and Slacker. Spoil yourself with better sound quality and more control over your music. Streaming of HD audio files from your computer to your Hi-Fi is now simple. The DAC 2 includes everything you need to enjoy 24/96 studio quality music.

Wireless High Resolution Sound
The NAD DAC 2 becomes the sound card for your computer, and with 24/96 capability anything you can hear on your PC, including HiRes Audio, is digitally transmitted to your Hi-Fi! To enhance your experience several mobile apps are available to remotely operate your PC or Mac and deliver the rich user interface of the computer right to your fingertips. You don’t need a Wi-Fi network to enjoy Computer Audio at its finest.

Input                                                                        USB2.0
Analogue                                                                2 x RCA Jacks
Digital                                                                      1 x Coaxial RC Jack
General Specifications
Sample Rate                                                          96kHz/24 bit
THD+N                                                                     0.05% (ref. 0dBFS)
Signal to Noise                                                      >-80dB
Analogue Output Level                                      2V
Coax SPDIF                                                             500mV ±50mV
Frequency Response                                           20Hz to 48kHz ±0.5dB
Digital to Analogue Converter                         Delta Sigma DAC
Time Delay                                                            <18rms
RF Band                                                                  >2.4GHz
Transmission Range                                            40m (line of sight)
Weight & Dimensions
Gross Unit Dimensions*                                      135 x 35 x 70mm
Transmitter                                                             73 x 35 x 15mm
Net Weight                                                              0.38kg (0.80lb)
Shipping Weight                                                    0.62kg (1.35lb)

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