PSB PWM3 On-wall Speaker


ราคาต่อตัว Ultra-slim, single-channel flat-panel speaker As the flagship, the PWM3 embodies the best qualities of the Performance Wall Mount Series, while raising the bar in terms of power handling, bass extension and sheer output. The custom engineered driver compliment, and unique dual ported cabinet allow the PWM3 to deliver incredible dynamics while maintaining a high degree of harmonic detail and smooth tonal balance.


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Today’s home audio applications demand solutions that traditional designs are simply not able to fulfill. Regardless of the installation, PSB believes that the sound should never be compromised. PWM Series melds refined, elegant looks, versatile application and unwavering performance.

The slim profile hugs the wall and maintain a minimal visual presence. Their clean and simple lines complement virtually any design aesthetic. Interior designers, architects, custom home builders and system integrators will appreciate the understated elegance and highest performance levels offered by the Performance Wall Mount Series.

Newly developed drivers employing four-layer voice coils with powerful magnets and carbon fiber cones for exceptional detail, low distortion and superior power handling. The new proprietary 1” titanium dome tweeter is ferrofluid cooled and features a Neodymium magnet for high sensitivity and power handling. A wave guide on the front of the tweeter helps match the response of the tweeter near the crossover point with the woofer for a seamless transition.

Whether as part of a complete on-wall system, a basic TV application or as an on-wall center channel solution for floor standing speakers; PWM series deliver legendary PSB sonic performance coupled with aesthetics and install cues desired in today’s interior design.

Key Features of the PSB PWM3:

Slim Profile premium On-Wall speaker system
4 x 4” woofers with carbon fiber cones, rubber surrounds
2 x 3” chambered midrange drivers with carbon fiber cones, rubber surrounds
1” Titanium Dome Tweeter
Vertical or horizontal mounting options
Wall mount bracket included
LCR or for surround speaker application
Design and final voicing engineered by Paul Barton
Available in Satin White or Satin BlackDesigned and voiced by the growing PSB design team mentored by PSB founder and speaker industry icon, Paul Barton

สนใจงานระบบ ติดต่อสอบถามเพิ่มเติม คุณวีระพงศ์ 065-549-9697  ,คุณจิระภากร 092-565-9090

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Anechoic Chamber                              86dB
Typical Listening Room                      89dB

Frequency response
On Axis +/- 3db                                     60Hz-35kHz
LF Cutoff                                                 35Hz

Normal                                                    8 Ohms
Minimum                                                6 Ohms

Recommended Amplifier Power
Tweeter (Nominal)                                1" (25mm)Titanium Dome with Ferrofluid
Midrange (Nominal)                              2x 3" (75mm)Carbon Fibre Cone Rubber Surround Cast Basket
Woofer (Nominal)                                 4x 4" (100mm)Carbon Fibre Cone Rubber Surround Cast Basket
Design Type                                            Bass Reflex

Cabinet                                                     MDF
Grille Face                                                Acoustic Transparent Cloth
Frame                                                        MDF

Size (W x H x D)
Net W                                                        48” (1219mm)
Net H                                                         6.5” (165mm)
Net D                                                         3.38” (85mm)
Depth With Grill                                      3.5” (90mm)

Grille Type                                                Magnetic, Cloth Grille

Wall Bracket                                             

Mount                                                        Wall Mount included for Vertical and Horizontal Mounting
                                                                     Note: Bracket is not designed as ceiling mount

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