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Supra Rondo 4 x 4.0 mm2 - Versatile, flexible and possible to Star Quad wiring
High quality speaker cable with four tin plated multi-strand conductors, high pitch twisted for optimal noise cancellation and lower inductance. 
Typical applications: High powered, longer lengths and/or in bi-wired or bi-amplified Hi-Fi system or on-stage.

Supra Rondo - A versatile, electrically sound speaker cable

The Supra Rondo cable allows for a number of possible connections, where the full range Quad Star, is a nearly ideal laid out suppressing the inductance to low levels. Thanks to its four leads it is possible also to connect as bi-wired or bi-amplified. Tests have shown that full range Star Quad, supplemented with a good jumper replacing the often really poor leads konnecting high and low range connectors on the speakers give the best conditions for a better transition of music. The production method we use allow us to twin with short pitch and still keep it resilient, persistent to handling fatigue, making it especially useful on-stage. Further to the Star Quad lead configuration, this short pitch twinning of the leads, contributes to even lower inductance and lowered tendency to pick-up RFI (Radio Frequency Interference, a single denomination of all high frequency electromagnetic fields present around you, such as wifi, bluetooth, DECT phones, mobile phones, radio broadcast, terrestrial digital TV broadcast, etc.). Yes, RFI  is highly malignant also in the speaker circuit. Any means to lower RFI in your hifi or multimedia equipment will undoubtedly pay off with lower noise floor and a much crisper and sharper picture as well as a sound full of micro dynamics standing out from a pitch black background, with a completely new level of bass attack and dynamic compared to a standard cable. Supra Rondo is available on bobbin, blisterpacks and pre-terminated with Supra CombiCon contacts. Let the show begin!

Mechanical Specifications

Crossection area                                                       4.0 / 11mm2 / AWG
Number of conductors                                            4  pieces
Number of strands per conductor                        511  pieces
Strand diameter                                                        0.10  mm
Conductor material                                                  Tin plated oxygen free 5N Copper
Insulation and jacket                                               Heat and age resistant PVC
External diameter                                                    11.0  mm
Weight                                                                         230  g/m
Halogen free and flame retardant                        No

Electrical performance

Resistance                                                                   4.3  Ohm / km
Inductance                                                                  0.40  µH / m
Inductance with Star Quad                                     0.35  µH / m


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