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แบรนด์ : DALI



Live performances within the living room

Upping the audio ante to the extreme, the RUBICON 8 is quite simply stunning in terms of the epic soundstage it presents. The trio of woofers blend the bass and midrange frequencies seamlessly, while the wide sound dispersion afforded by our hybrid tweeter helps the RUBICON 8 fill larger spaces with a totally transparent image and a richness of detail that recreates the passion of a live performance. The RUBICON 8 is the pinnacle of your entry into the world of high-end audio at a midrange price.



Reducing distortion with SMC

The RUBICON 8 draws on the heritage from the SMC-based 'Linear Drive System', introduced with the EPICON series. With SMC, we achieve extremely low distortion and maximise detail, even at low volume. The drivers are manufactured in-house at our production facilities in central Denmark and feature the latest in magnet motor technology. The RUBICON 8 sets new audio quality standards for Hi-Fi lovers around the world.



The master of wide dispersion

The DALI hybrid tweeter module features a soft dome tweeter and a ribbon element that combine to create an amazing rendition of high-frequency details. The voice-coil used in the RUBICON 8 soft dome is extremely light and agile, which helps it deliver a broader bandwidth. The ribbon tweeter is the master of wide dispersion and, in combination with the soft dome, reaches as low as 2.5 kHz, providing continuous wide dispersion as the soft dome becomes more directional at higher frequencies. This extreme bandwidth and ultra-wide dispersion is an important part of DALI's sound philosophy.



Drawing on technology from EPICON series

The three 6½" drivers used in the RUBICON 8 work together to reproduce a clean, detailed sound with no colouration. Drawing on EPICON technology, the woofer cones have a light, rigid and randomly uneven structure, which lowers the complexity of the central part of the motor, ensures piston-like movement, significantly reduces the possibility of surface resonance and minimises distortion. Designed specifically for the RUBICON 8, the soft, low-loss rubber surround includes a cast-aluminium chassis designed for maximum airflow around the cone and magnet system.



Blending elegant design & functionality

The gracefully elegant RUBICON 8 cabinet provides a rigid foundation for the low-loss drivers. On this inside, the woofers are enclosed in separate chambers to minimise interference, while bass reflex ports positioned directly behind each woofer minimises turbulence and delivers exceptional timing.

Sensitivity [2.83V/1m] [dB]                                                                90.5

Maximum SPL [dB]                                                                               112

Recommended Amp. Power [Watts]                                                40 - 250

Crossover Frequencies [Hz]                                                                500 / 800 / 2,500 / 14,000

Crossover Principle                                                                               2½ + ½ + ½-way

Low Frequency/Midrange Driver(s)                                                  3 x 6½"
Recommended Distance From Wall [cm]                                        25 - 180
Dimensions (H x W x D) [mm]                                                            1,100 x 220 x 444
Weight [kg/lb]                                                                                        27.3 / 60.3


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