DALI Epicon Stand


Developed with stability in mind with a reinforced grid structure and die-cast zinc base that adds weight and eliminates distorting vibrations. Also features a stand pole and mounting plate in aluminium. Iron Black: Color

แบรนด์ : DALI



Designed exclusively for the EPICON 2

The solid and sleek EPICON STAND has been designed exclusively for the EPICON 2 and EPICON VOKAL, which includes the design as well as the construction. The EPICON stand is developed with focus on stability and elimination of vibrations, and the height is fitted according to the ideal listening position.


Molded in die-cast zinc and aluminium

The stand base is molded in die-cast zinc to add gravity, while the stand pole and mounting plate are cast in aluminium. The inside of the pole is reinforced in a rigid grid formation to avoid distorting vibrations - with the added possibility of hidden wiring. Furthermore, a rubber membrane separates the mounting plate from the stand pole to reduce the transmission of vibrations.

Dimensions (HxWxD) [mm]                                                           531 x 275 x 401
Weight [kg/lb]                                                                                   10.4 / 22.9
Accessories (included)                                                                    Spike Set, Manual, 3 x M6 screws (for mounting EPICON 2)

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