The DALI SPEKTOR 1 brings the DALI sound design principles to a new price bracket. With wide dispersion and low-loss audio with amazing clarity, the SPEKTOR 1 lets new music and movie lovers experience the seduction of true Hi-Fi.



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Hi-Fi sound in a small cabinet

Getting this much Hi-Fi performance from a speaker in this price range took all our experience and know-how, as well as hours and hours in the listening room optimising the driver and crossover designs to create the perfect audio performance. The DALI SPEKTOR 1, like all DALI loudspeakers, has been designed with our fundamental acoustic and electro-acoustic principles, and a strong belief that clarity and an authentic, honest sound reproduction will get you even closer to the full impact of a live music experience. The compact SPEKTOR 1 is ideal for mounting on a shelf, wall or stand and combines well with any compact Hi-Fi music system..

Purpose-designed for wide dispersion

We make it easy to integrate the SPEKTOR 1 into any room. The driver materials and geometry we use are purpose-designed to achieve a wide dispersion pattern. By dispersing the sound around a room more widely, what you hear has more coherent balance, consistency and quality – even off-axis. Wide dispersion also gives you more flexibility when it comes to positioning the SPEKTOR 1.

Rendering accurate high frequencies

Made from ultra-lightweight woven fabric, the SPEKTOR 1 dome tweeter renders high frequencies with exceptional accuracy. Compared with most other soft dome tweeters, our dome material is less than half the weight (0.056 mg per mm2). The tweeter's impressive ability to reproduce even the lowest parts of the high-frequency range without any breakup means that every detail in the midrange frequencies is retained, even during the critical handover between the tweeter and woofer.

Developed specifically for this speaker

The 4½" woofer used in the SPEKTOR 1 has been developed specifically for this speaker. Details such as the angle of our signature DALI wood fibre cone and the size of the dust cap have been optimised for the best possible integration, dispersion and performance. Also, the cone membrane is a mix of fine-grain paper and wood fibre pulp, which makes the woofer extremely rigid and lightweight, while the uneven structure helps minimise unwanted surface resonances.

Smooth, seamless audio

The function of any loudspeaker is to convert the electrical signal from an amplifier into a realistic audio experience for the listener, while minimising losses in the signal. The clarity of sound you'll experience from the SPEKTOR series is the result of our commitment to producing low-loss speakers with smooth and seamless sound reproduction in both the time and frequency domain. By using only DALI designed, custom built drivers and crossovers made from quality components, DALI SPEKTOR speakers achieve a signal loss close to zero.

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