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Supra EFF-I

Supra EFF-I - Silverplated tube lead multi-test winning analogue interconnect with high-end aspirations
An unimpeded transmission of even the finest details, at exactly the right moment, is the goal of all cable design. A traditionally designed cable can, however, not achieve sufficient transmission quality. A good interconnect is the result of having addressed the majority of malignant properties in an alternating current circuit. There are a number of ways to do this, where our area of expertis; passive benign cable design is the far most complex. We have to physically layout the leads in a manner that counteracts the resulting physical behaviour of a conductor leading an infinite number of sine waves at an infinite number of levels, while carefully choose proper materials in leads, shields and di-electric.
The skin-effect has a dynamic and clearly audible influence. If we were to transfer just one frequency, the skin-effect would not be any problem. But due to the physical laws, the higher the frequency is, the further out from the conductor center the signal will travel, facing far less crossection conductive area, hence suffering from higher resulting impedance. The end-result will be altered frequency levels and timing compared to the original music signal, thus leaving the reproduction far from transparent.

Now, in order to minimize the skin-effect, we designed this cable in accordance to the Equalized Frequency Flow (EFF) concept. This means that we cancelled the conductor center by spinning the lead strands on a plastic core, forming a tube shaped conductor with a wall thickness of 0.20 mm, well within the limits of the audible range because of the skin-effect. In addition we have silver plated the strands for two reasons, minimise impedance for the really high frequencies, who strive to flow on the strand surface and to minimize phase shifting diode effect for high frequency electron jumps between the strands due to the superior silver conductivity. This forces equal impedance for all frequencies, hence minimal and equal influence on all frequency levels and phase resulting in a non-impact transmission of the music between hi-fi devices. The level of all parts of the music will sound as intended and the tiny and delicate differencies in the recording sound stage room information will be maintained.

EFF-I is one of Supra's most awarded products, for numerous very good reasons ... 

Suitable for analogue tranmissions both balanced and single-end in mid- to high-end hi-fi applications. Available in a number of standard lengths, as well as custom built. Suitable connectors are Supra PPSL, PPX and the balanced Supra Swift XLR.

Mechanical Specifications

Number of leads: 
Lead crossection area: 
Number of strands per lead: 
Strand dimension: 
Lead material: 
Di-electric (insulation): 
Outer dimension: 

Electrical properties

Velocity factor: 

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