EFF-I - Our Multi-Test Winner Flawless signal transfer of even the most subtle music details is always the goal. A traditional cable, e.g. included interconnects with the hardware or the supermarket "high-end", simply cannot reach the level of desired refinement an audiophile expect. ความยาว 1 เมตรต่อชุด


แบรนด์ : SUPRA


There are electric properties that needs to be addressed prior to reaching the goal; capacitance, phase, skin-effect and shielding. The purity of conductors, dielectric choice, plating quality is generally sub-standard even though they might appear high-end.
The skin-effect is the physical event forcing higher frequency signals flow closer to the conductor surface. This means that low and high frequency impedance are not equal and therefor affects the signal level and phase. It has a profound dynamic and clearly audible influence because an audio signal is in principle nothing but an infinite number of frequencies at an infinite number of levels.
In order to minimize the skin-effect, the EFF-I is designed according to our Equalized Frequency Flow (EFF) technique. Around a plastic core, the strands are wound forming a conductor tube, in turn forcing all frequencies through the same cross section area well tuned for the entire audible range. The result is a maintained frequency respons as from the source without any level changes like treble roll-off or phase shift. Further the strands are silver plated to provide for ultra-high frequencies and are insulated using PE, providing the lowest capacitance. Finally there must not enter any RFI destroying all efforts to maintain original signal integrity and our aluminized PET foil is a high bandwidth efficient shield keeping noise outside.
EFF-I is one of Supra´s most awarded products, not without good reason...
EFF-IXLR - Analogue balanced interconnect. 
The above Supra EFF-I in balanced mode equipped with our Supra XLR patented fully shielded connectors designed for long service life in professional use. The connector features a durable clamping force cable strain relief integrated in the housing and the XLR standard quick lock fastener with button release for chassis mount. Suitable for use in any balanced transmissions from mid-/high-end home audio to pro-studio. Simply the second best analogue interconnect cable we offer.

Mechanical Specifications

No. Of pairs                                    1
Cross. Area (mm2/AWG)             0.46 / 21
No. Wires                                         12
Wiredia.(mm)                                  0.22
Wire Material                                  Ag pl.  OFC
Insulation                                        PE
Screen                                             Alu/Pet Foil
Jacket                                              Heat & Ageing Res. PVC
Ext. Size (mm)                                Ø7.2
Weight(g/m)                                   68
Electrical Spec.
R (Ω/km)                                          38
C (pF/m)                                           75
Velo. Factor                                      0.66c

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